Angelique BL Pairing List

One could say that this is proof I have no life. ^^; But it's something I've been working on for almost 2 years... The following information was gathered from doujinshi and many sites on the Ange-YAOI WebRing. Some of the sites I referred to no longer exist, and with new sites appearing frequently, this list is probably very incomplete. If you've seen a pairing (or more) that is not listed here, contact me, and be sure to include the address of the website on which you found the missing pairing(s), and how to find the pairing on the site. And yes, some of the pairings listed are very, very odd! o.o;

01. Arios
seme - Charlie, Luva, Mel, Olivie, Oscar, Randy, Sei-Lan, Zephel
uke - Charlie, Leviath, Oscar
unsure - Clavis

02. Catis
seme - Julious, Luva, Oscar
uke -
unsure -

03. Clavis
seme - Julious, Lumiale, Luva, Marcel, Olivie, Oscar, Sei-Lan, Zephel
uke - Julious, Lumiale, Luva
unsure - Arios, Victor

04. Charlie
seme - Arios, Ernst, Lumiale, Olivie, Oscar, Randy, Sei-Lan, Timka, Victor, Zephel
uke - Arios, Ernst, Julious, Luva, Olivie, Oscar, Randy, Sei-Lan, Victor, Zephel
unsure - Macnicole

05. Ernst
seme - Charlie, Julious, Mel, Sei-Lan
uke - Charlie, Oscar, Victor, Macnicole, Roxy
unsure -

06. Eugene
seme -
uke - Leviath
unsure -

07. Giovanni
seme - Marcel, Sei-Lan
uke -
unsure -

08. Julious
seme - Charlie, Clavis, Lumiale, Oscar, Sei-Lan
uke - Catis, Clavis, Ernst, Marcel, Mel, Oscar, Victor
unsure -

09. Leviath
seme - Arios, Oscar, Sei-Lan, Eugene
uke - Oscar
unsure -

10. Lumiale
seme - Clavis, Luva, Marcel, Oscar, Sei-Lan
uke - Clavis, Charlie, Julious, Luva, Marcel, Olivie, Oscar, Victor, Zephel
unsure -

11. Luva
seme - Clavis, Charlie, Lumiale, Marcel, Sei-Lan, Zephel
uke - Arios, Catis, Clavis, Lumiale, Marcel, Oscar, Victor
unsure - Olivie

12. Macnicole
seme - Ernst
uke -
unsure - Charlie

13. Marcel
seme - Julious, Lumiale, Luva, Mel, Oscar
uke - Clavis, Giovanni, Lumiale, Luva, Mel, Oscar, Randy, Zephel
unsure - Sei-Lan, Timka

14. Mel
seme - Julious, Marcel, Oscar
uke - Arios, Ernst, Marcel, Zephel
unsure - Timka

15. Olivie
seme - Charlie, Lumiale, Oscar, Sei-Lan, Zephel
uke - Arios, Clavis, Charlie
unsure - Luva

16. Oscar
seme - Arios, Charlie, Ernst, Julious, Leviath, Lumiale, Luva, Marcel, Oscar, Randy, Sei-Lan, Victor, Zephel
uke - Arios, Catis, Clavis, Charlie, Julious, Leviath, Lumiale, Marcel, Mel, Olivie, Oscar, Randy, Sei-Lan, Timka, Victor, Zephel
unsure -

17. Randy
seme - Charlie, Marcel, Oscar, Sei-Lan, Timka, Zephel
uke - Arios, Charlie, Oscar, Sei-Lan, Zephel
unsure -

18. Roxy
seme - Ernst
uke -
unsure -

19. Sei-Lan
seme - Charlie, Oscar, Randy, Timka, Zephel
uke - Arios, Clavis, Charlie, Ernst, Giovanni, Julious, Leviath, Lumiale, Luva, Olivie, Oscar, Randy, Timka, Victor, Zephel
unsure - Marcel

20. Timka
seme - Oscar, Sei-Lan
uke - Charlie, Randy, Sei-Lan, Victor, Zephel
unsure - Marcel, Mel

21. Victor
seme - Charlie, Ernst, Julious, Lumiale, Luva, Oscar, Sei-Lan, Timka
uke - Charlie, Oscar
unsure - Clavis

22. Zephel
seme - Charlie, Lumiale, Marcel, Mel, Oscar, Randy, Sei-Lan, Timka
uke - Arios, Clavis, Charlie, Luva, Olivie, Oscar, Randy, Sei-Lan
unsure -

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