Audio Insanity

If you are looking for music mp3s, sorry, there aren't any of those here. What you will find instead are parodies. Some of them are suggestive in the yaoi sense, so if you are offended by such material, please do not click on those labeled with "warning". You will need WinZip to open these files (which are in mp3 format).

You must right-click and choose "Save file..." (etc.) in order to successfully download these!

Hyper Sei-Lan
What happens when Sei-Lan eats too many pixie sticks? Then goes to visit Lumiale?

Charlie's in trouble
An angry Olivie is a very scary thing...

"What is that?"
Randy asks Luva this question. *cough* Eventually. (Warning!)

Clavis' Pet
Will the kids have to fight Clavis for Pon-Pon?

*** Check out Nakachan's 4-Koma accompaniment to this section! ^o^ ***- new

There are no stolen files here. All were captured and manipulated by me, using material that I purchased myself.

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