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Past Captions
like my dolphin stuffie?

Fashion Police (by Katherine)

Call to Cosmos (by Beloved Fool and Corbin Shadows)

Dorky Randy (by Tabitha)

Sneaky Luva (by Beloved Fool and Corbin Shadows)

Cheeky Chupi (by indigozeal)

"Lesbianism" (by Anime Kitty)

Smelling Salts (by Paladin_girl)

Shock! (by Corbin)

I'm sorry (donated by Beloved Fool and Corbin Shadows)

So Cute (by Helen)

Something Fishy (by Mysia Ri)

No Love-Love (by Anime Kitty)

Nobody move! (by Magnum)

Flower-giving (by Pinky)

Get a Room (by twinkle-chan)

Wall Paper (by Schala)

Menage... o.o; (by Astarte)

Gardening hoes (by Anime Kitty)

Keep Your Mouth Shut! (by Tabitha)

Crystal Ball Revelation (by Kitt)

Shocking Headline (by Erin-chan)

Ernst's secret (by Magnum)

Angry Sei-Lan (by Pinky)

Happy Neko (by chibi ryu)

Olivie rant (by Anime Kitty)

Zephel and Angelique (by Jia Li Labyrinth)

Zephel and Angelique (by Lee Mack)

Happy couple (by Shannon)

Gossip (by Pinky)

Angry Olivie (by Jjblank)

Zephel and Randy (by Kael)

What's Victor so worried about?

Is that a new mask, Luva?

Watch that computer, Olivie!

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