Yay, cosplay! ^^

These are from AWA 2002, with Anime Kitty as Mel, and Tabitha as Sara.

Mel and Sara
the Fire Dragon cousins again

From AWA 2003, AK as Marcel, Tabi as Sei-Lan:

playing outside
all shopped out
Chupi and a little pirate ^^

From Yaoi-con 2003, sailorstarsun as Zephel, Tabi as Sei-Lan, and sailorstarsun as Inori from Haruka:

Room Service!
Zeph outside the hotel
bus-boy took our picture ^^
Sei-Lan writing poetry
Sei-Lan in casual
Zephel eating cheeseburger, with fanboy
Sei-Lan drawing

From Yaoi-con 2004, sailorstarsun as Zephel, VtE as Marcel, Joejoe as Olivie, The Faceless Evil as Charlie and Tabitha as Sei-Lan (in video casual)

Charlie and Olivie
The group
Sei-Lan, Zephel and Marcel in casual
Sei-Lan and Marcel
Marcel and Zephel
"Poor Zephel"
Sei-Lan and Zephel
Another group shot- new
Zephel strikes a pose- new
And another one!- new
Sei-Lan and Marcel hug- new

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