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Marfisa's Angelique--Marfisa's Angelique - A great Ange site with manga translations, lots of game info, merchandise info, and much, much more.

clavis-sama.com - Visual archive, card collection, plus Ange song lyrics and more.

the stars of Draco--the stars of Draco - A site dedicated to the Dragon people of Angelique.

Chuu-Chuu.net Angelique Keepers List & Music Box - Has keeper's list and lots of Angelique mp3s.

please sign!  ^_^--A petition to get Angelique translated for GBA.

English Ange Webring--The English Angelique Webring.

Heart of Steel - A shrine for Zephel.

Angel~ic - Nova's Angelique site.

Radical Dreamer - Radical Dreamer - B.S.F.'s site.

Pretty Boy Pie - A fan site with lots of yummy Angelique fan art and more.

Joe's Angelique - Joejoe's Angelique fan art site

GIGA - Aeralea's girl gamer site, focusing on Angelique.

The Unofficial Angelique Fan Page - Beloved Fool's Angelique site.

Angelic Boy's Fantasy - Nakachan's Angelique site.

Angelique Mailing List - A mailing list in English, all about Angelique.

Arashi no Umi - Has Angelique WinAmp skins.

sorry, Japanese only-The official Angelique website, owned by Koei. (This is in Japanese only.)


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