What the ---- ?

A sibling to the Mad Caps section, this is the place where we take a moment to reflect upon occasional Ange strangeness. Here you will find images that might make one think, "What the ----?" You fill in the blanks. ~_^

The case of the disappearing ears.

What is Victor doing,
and why was it focused on?

And what about this shot of Charlie?
(donated by S. Charon)- new

Sei-Lan's handwriting.
and I thought mine was bad!

A sword-size competition?

Another competitor?

If you wave to Timka on the phone
can he see you?

Oh, my.
What will the neighbors think?

When did Marcel grow up?

Amazing instant clothes-change!
Case #1: Zephel and Randy

Randy's drawing
of Oscar with his arse on fire.

Zephel's super-human strength.

How does a robot blush and cry?

Timka must use Rogaine
if his hair can grow long so quickly!

Olivie's Swiss Army Garter

Should we be seeing little hearts floating around?

Beware the dangerous fruit!

Gravity? What gravity?

Amazing instant clothes-change!
Case #2: Arios.

The giant squid,
just because it's strange.

The very weird choice of text background
for the OVA 2 eyecatch (text from an article about "Queer As Folk").

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