Art by Lee Mack

these are not smiley face boxers

Paper Dolls

Angelique Collet, and clothes
Rachel, and clothes
Olivie, and clothes
Charlie, and clothes

Based on Fan Fiction

Dr. Sei-Lan and Nurse Randy from
The Magical Medical Adventures of Dr. Sei-Lan and Nurse Randy
by Anime Kitty

Randy and Haru
She's Like the Wind
by Lee Mack


Queen Ange and Rosalia
Fan comic
featuring Rosalia *g*
Mel and Pharau
are so cute together ^_^
Ange Collet and Arios Doll ^o^
Insane Patient Collet with Randy and Sei-Lan *g* (2500 hits)
Sei-Lan ... a Birthday gift for me! ^o^
Valentine's Day Sei-Lan!

Sei-Lan and Randy ^^- new


Toki-Angelique Memorial

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