Disclaimer - Olivie and Charlie belong to Koei, gods of slashable bish. The song "Aluminum" belongs to Ed Robertson and Steven Page, gods of Canadian music. I'm just the crazy fangirl who brought them together for a one-night stand.



A (bittersweet) Charlie/Olivie songfic

Set to Track 10 of Barenaked Ladies album "Everything to Everyone"

Warnings for BL with a heavy dash of Sprite (that's a tingly lemon/lime flavor)


Such a beautiful night. A thousand diamond shards scattered across a velvet sky anchored by a silver moon. So easy to get distracted by and lost in.

"Charlie! What's keeping you?"

Just like him. Somehow though he managed to backtrack unnoticed and surprise me in my musings with a firm hold around my arm. I met those shining violet eyes with my own honey gold, "Ah, sorry. Just stargazing."

How in every visible way you shine
As if the stars in your wake align
Almost impossible to malign

As he got us walking again, he gave a passing glance to the heavens, "Mm, they are lovely tonight."

"Not as lovely as you," I murmured into an ear decorated with dangling jewelry.

"Ah, flatterer." Dramatically covering a fake blush he gave his real thanks with a squeeze of his hand in mine.

Nothing else was spoken as we continued on our way. Every so often I snuck little stares at him. With that gorgeous face and elegant body he was impossible to resist. The scent of his hair floated easily on the night air. Sunshine and strawberries just like its shining colors.

But just below where you shine, you burn
Although I know it, I never learn
Just goes to show that I can't discern

Veering off the main thoroughfare, we headed towards my apartment over the shop. As soon as we entered the sweet atmosphere from outside faded. His lips burned against mine in a kiss as I pulled his favorite pink coat to the floor. White-hot flares flashed across two bodies simultaneously.

Though we seemed spontaneous as we tore at each other all the way up the stairs it was all pre-orchestrated. We'd known from the start what would happen and played our roles and went through our motions accordingly. My place so I was the one in charge that night. I trailed my hands down his back and into his unbuttoned pants. As I squeezed his ass he whispered all the naughty things he wanted me to do to him. We had both learned how to turn each other on a while ago. Pulling him into the bedroom he hit the light switch with incredible accuracy, "With the lights on."

Always with the lights on.

Illuminating just what you want to show
You'll never rust, but I'll never know
You can't be trusted; I can't let go

Landing upon the bed we finished undressing each other. I guess he really does have to be seen to be believed. This lithe nymph twining all about me. Sucking on my fingers. Nipping at my nipples. Lapping down my stomach.

A never-ending addiction of mind and body that shatters reality before it.

Every time you're here I forget
When you leave, you leave only regret
Every time you're near I forget

Nothing else mattered. Nothing else. Not when I had this amazing man writhing beneath me screaming my name while clawing at my sheets with manicured nails. Until we collapsed on each other in satisfied exhaustion. Only having enough strength to hit the lights off from the switch by the bed.

Much later I woke up. It was that hazy time just before dawn. A pale gray light filled the room. Sitting up, my hand landed against the body beside me. Pulling back the sheet I made a shocking revelation - I didn't recognize this person.

I mean I knew it was Olivie. But in body only. When you strip away the names and titles and everything else that goes into your conception of a person what is left? Just another anonymous human being. Nothing else.

You're so lightweight how can you survive
Recycling moments from others lives?
You're not as precious as you contrive

Suddenly the questions hit me. What really made him all that special? Was he truly different amongst the human race? Why did, why should I chose him over another? If I could love him then why not someone, anyone else? How had I not seen it before, this frail humanity? Had that shimmer and sheen distracted me from the truth?

And then the spell had fallen apart like a shattered web of a thousand thin spider threads. The pedestal had crumbled and an angel fell to earth.

Aluminum to me
Aluminium to some
You can shine like silver all you want
But you're just Aluminum

So I'd found the pine beneath the lacquer. The bracelet I bought was only gold-plated. There in the womb of a new day my beloved had been reborn as just another guy.

But the real question was would I remember when he woke up?

"Mmmm... Charlie...?"

I had a chance to find out, "Yes, Olivie?"

He slid up around me into a loose embrace, "Mornin', honey."

Just then the first rays of dawn streamed through the window to illuminate his awakening form perfectly. As if daring me to wipe my mind clean of my discovery.

Fine then.

Let me be blinded. Let me believe the facade that would keep me from seeing the sameness, the normalcy in the supposedly spectacular.

It's not denial; just suspension of belief.

Yah, you're just Aluminum


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