*You have entered Ange Chat*

GenkiNGreen - *enters*

Wind_Raider - *enters*

GenkiNGreen - Hey Randy!

Wind_Raider - hey marcel, guess we're the 1st ones here...

SupaBrat16 - *enters*

SupaBrat16 - o jus u guyz

Wind_Raider - not like the "older" guys get 'puters

Sparkle^_^* - *enters*

Sparkle^_^* - Am I on time for Fashion Forum? (so hard to type with these nails...)

SupaBrat16 - WTF?

InDaGreen$ - *enters*

InDaGreen$ - Oy, Oli-sama!

Sparkle^_^* - Hai?

InDaGreen$ - Tried your cell/pager. No respond.

Sparkle^_^* - Both off.

InDaGreen$ - I got new shipment of shoes.

InDaGreen$ - Including pink pumps.

Sparkle^_^* - ....... Be right there.

Sparkle^_^* - *exits*

InDaGreen$ - Can I interest you guys in some shoes?

GenkiNGreen - No.

Wind_Raider - no

SupaBrat16 - Ge+ Lo$+ >_<

InDaGreen$ - Fine.

InDaGreen$ - *exits*

Yamimusha - *enters*

Yamimusha - This had better be interesting... ((yawn))

AquaKnight - *enters*

AquaKnight - Isn't this fun, Clavis-sama?

Wind_Raider - Lumi-sama, you type fast...

AquaKnight - Good hands.

Yamimusha - 6 vbnm.bvuyd5yu obhjser 8

SupaBrat16 - O.o WTF?

GenkiNGreen - What does that mean?

AquaKnight - Goodness! Clavis-sama must have fallen asleep!

Yamimusha - woiowerhjwioawiorthjklasdgrawoptu

AquaKnight - I have to go there before he starts to drool on the keyboard and electricutes himself.

AquaKnight - *exits*

Yamimusha - hgfklvdyi;cvh6e846fy7[9ytgftzxrfhy

SupaBrat16 - thatz annoyin

NewFlame69 - *enters*

NewFlame69 - Is this the lesbian chatroom? (All sexy ladies, IM me)

SupaBrat16 - WTF?!?!?!

GenkiNGreen - What does that mean!?!

NewFlame69 - Is there any cybering going on?

Wind_Raider - no

NewFlame69 - shit.

NewFlame69 - *exits*

PurpleBoy - *enters*

PurpleBoy - Randy

Wind_Raider - hai?

PurpleBoy - Our date. Now.

Wind_Raider - right! g2g

Wind_Raider - *exits*

PurpleBoy - *exits*

SupaBrat16 - O_O OMG.. there SIAT!

GenkiNGreen - SIAT?

SupaBrat16 - sittin in a tree

GenkiNGreen - K-I-S-S-I-N.... OMG, WTF? thoz f-n qu33rs ha\/ 2 \/\/a$h br@|n w/ so@p soooo \/\/rong & H...

Jullie-sama - *enters*

GenkiNGreen - $h!+

Jullie-sama - *boots GenkiNGreen*

Jullie-sama - Leave now, Zephel, before I become angry.

SupaBrat16 - *exits*

NewFlame69 - *enter*

NewFlame69 - Got rid of them?

Yamimusha - That 'Sleeping Trick' works every time.

Jullie-sama - Yes. So I am wearing a sexy thong and the rest of my body is covered in soft whipped cream.

NewFlame69 - I begin to lusciously lick each of your toes.

Yamimusha - While I start with foxy licks and kisses at the hollow of your throat.

Who's who -

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