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Drug Wars

Dammit, he needed to shoot up so bad. But how to get away? He must have been really messed up when he agreed to take Collet out shopping. He was riding a low at the moment with a hangover pounding in the back of his head. That party last night had been one hell of a time but he was paying for it double time. It had to be bad karma from blowing that bong hit at the cat. Had it been a cat? Somehow the image of la chupacabara came to mind. He heard Collet call him back to reality, but he didn’t quite make it as her smile seemed to take on the kind of fangs necessary to suck a goat dry.

"Would you like to stop for lunch? You look a little haggard..." la chupacollet touched his face with nails longer than normal.

A restaurant. Yah, that would work. Just sneak off to the bathroom, do his business and be done with it. He nodded and managed to speak without cracking his voice, "Lunch would be wonderful, Angelique."

They found a small café and sat outside. Quickly, a rather sheepish looking waiter came to serve them. "Hello there. I'm Henri and I'll be your server today."

He handed them menus and took their orders. Collet just wanted some baked fish with mashed potatoes while Arios, feeling a deep emptiness in the pit of his stomach, chose a steak, medium rare, with steamed vegetables and a bake potato. After Henri had skittered off, Arios decided to put his plan into action, "I have to use the bathroom, excuse me."

"Okay! Come back soon." He watched her wave a paw-like hand as he strode off.

Luckily, the restroom wasn't hard to find, except when he almost bumped into a waitress who had giraffe horns poking out of her hair. Man, but he was still fucked up. And the only way to remedy it was to get all his dependent systems in order. As he pushed the door open, he was privy to another odd sight, this one only slightly altered.

The Dream Guardian was pacing back and forth across the title floor, obviously flustered over something. With that colorful coat and equally psychedelically designed tight shirt, Arios' mind morphed him into the bastard child of a bird of paradise and a peacock. Aware of the other's presence, Olivie fluttered up with something less than grace, "Ah, Arios! Can you help me?"

"I'm not having sex in the stall with you." Did he say that out loud? Had he meant that 'not'?

"That's a damn shame, but not what I wanted to talk to you about. I'm looking for some certain substances..." the tips of his wings came together to rub feathers in a conspiratorial way.

Well, he had some extra stuff on him. He'd never sold before, but with everything else he'd done what could possibly be wrong with passing around some pot? "Yah, sure I'll sell you some."

It was right then that the door which had just begun to swing open now slammed against the wall. "Whore!"

Arios turned around, not as steady as he would have wished. He made eye-contact with irises that shifted shades of brown every few seconds. Pulling back he found that he was staring at a male gorgon, vibrant green snakes hissing all about. Behind him erupted a loud squawk, "Charlie! I was just... well you see..."

"I don't want to hear it! I work my ass off night and day to provide only the best to this Sanctuary. And what I do for you, oh don't even get me started. And now I find you engaged in illicit dealings with this biker bitch's bastard." Growls and hisses echoed about him as a few of the snakes tried to bite him.

Arios put up his hands in defense, wishing he had a mirrored shield to protect himself, "Hey man, I didn't know I was walking into your territory..."

"Save your apologies for someone else, leather bar boy." Long fangs flashed under the fluorescent lights.

Okay, now he was getting pissed. His head was racked with pain and his mind wouldn't stop playing tricks on him. And there was that goat-sucker waiting for him. "Look, it was only going to be a stupid bag of pot, just let it go."

"Actually," the chirping chimed in again, "I was looking for some LSD, but pot would suffice."

All the snakes snorted along with the main head, "Oh, so that's what this is about. Fine then. I've got connections to anything and everything. I can get you whatever you want."

From somewhere low inside him, Arios began to laugh a cruel chuckle, "Really? I know people who sell stuff you can't even pronounce."

Those shifting eyes screwed up behind the melting sunglasses, "Now you wanna mess with me, punk? Fine then. I crush little men like you in my sleep."

Again, that place low inside of him stirred. Like a slithering serpent it snaked into his consciousness only to have it strike his mind with lighting speed. Any observer would have been shocked to suddenly see his white hair darken to black. "No one shall stand against me, the True Drug Lord, Leviath Ragna Avarice. Especially no weak-willed business man without the balls to take me on."

That's how it started.

Surprisingly, it wasn't that hard to find out what people wanted. Everyone seemed to have their own special substance. And Arios, or Leviath should a little more 'persuasion' be needed, managed to hit most. Some were quite expected like Zephel's speed, Marcel's pot, Clavis' sleeping pills and Sei-Lan's mushrooms. Actually that had been quite fun as they'd decided to share and somehow ended up both buck-naked, handcuffed, and giggling in the middle of a fountain. True, Sei-Lan couldn't sit for two days and Arios couldn't properly walk for a week and neither fully remembered how they'd got that way, but it must have been one hell of a trip. Some drug choices had surprised him though. Such as Lumiale's strange love of oxycotin or Luva's affection for Special K. But you can't pick your customer's needs.

Though on the other hand, Charlie had taken some of the Sanctuary under his own jurisdiction. He wasn't as rambling and risky with his offerings. He did have an image to keep up. Some beer for the younger set, and some of the more creative homemade drugs. Still though, he knew that he was losing. In all other arenas he was a king of capitalism, a duke of the almighty dollar, a robber baron extraordinaire. A fool and his money are soon parted, most often by the Wong Corporation.

However, a direct confrontation was imminent. It was a mutual calling out with a simple challenge - Each would provide the others choice drug for a sample. Arios had chosen his beloved heroin while Charlie had opted for his preferred opiate of morphine. The agreed meeting place was a hotel room.

At the planned time they met and went into their "meeting". They laid out their offerings and set to work. Arios went first, pulling off his leather belt. He reset it around his arm, tightening it with his teeth and a growl. With careful precision his flicked the syringe, and then proceeded to shoot up, his body slipping slack as the drug flowed in his system. It was the strangest form of poetry Charlie had ever witnessed.

Through deeply hazed dual-color eyes, he watched the other. The morphine was of the oral variety so there was nothing more to it then washing it down with a glass of water. Not quite as mesmerizing as Arios' careful administrations but it had some style.

The euphoria settled over both of them and the whole concept of the competition flew out the window.

Slowly, the silver-haired man managed to stand up on shaky knees. Oh wait, no, there was a coffee table blocking him. Tables. Suddenly he loved tables. He laid down on the one before him, feeling the lacquered oak beneath his fingers.

Charlie sighed out, "Are you connecting with the table?" He was currently being overwhelmed by the squishiness of the couch. Had anything been this comfortable? It was like he'd entered a cushiony womb.

"I am the table and the table is me. By understanding this table I understand the universe." He believed that. There was no need to fight or learn. All he needed was this table.

With a roll, the other came off the couch and started to feel the table. Then his hands moved on to something warmer and more lithe than the table. Before either knew it, they'd both become the table. And each wanted to become one with that table.

Some time much later, a rapping came upon the door. "House-keeping." No sign hung upon the door so the maid entered to go about her business.

Sprawled all across the floor were various clothing garments of different questionable natures. Who would ever consider putting zippers on underwear? Her eyes trailed onward until she found two gentlemen, well perhaps that was stretching the term, but two men anyways twisted and tangled together on top the table in a rather compromising position. Compromising wasn't the best term, but it was the only one her thoroughly embarrassed mind could locate. With a blush, a wipe of an on-coming nosebleed, and a quick, "So sorry," she left them.

With his euphoria still happily in place, Arios chuckled this time sweet and slow, "That door had a nosebleed. I think it was watching us."

Straining with the effort, Charlie barely nodded in agreement, "The door needs to be enlightened to the ways of the table."

"Agreed. Let's go experience it."

"Experiencing with you is fun."

After that day, a truce befell the drug offerings in the Sanctuary and there was much rejoicing.

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