Ignis and Aqua

An Angelique/Final Fantasy 7 Crossover by Anime Kitty

Disclaimer - Koei owns Angelique. Square Enix owns Final Fantasy 7. I own neither.

Warnings - Just the normal one of projecting fangirl horniness on to a certain silver-haired bish with shounen-ai results.

Setting Note - This takes place pre-game for both series. One year for Angelique and six to five years for FF7.


The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet.
- Andy Warhol

"Lucas Albright, age: 20, height: 6 feet, weight: 147 lbs, eye color: Dark blue, hair color: Dyed blue," he read the I.D. card aloud. "Temporary Holdings Development subset of the ShinRa corporation."

Outside the transport window, stars drifted by slowly. He had deliberately requested a day-long trip so as to give himself plenty of time to study. The main part of the job required that he'd be able to blend in seamlessly. Any discovery of error could result in completely compromising the mission and perhaps worse for him.

But he had taken this burden willingly. As soon as it had been detected his destination had been a source of great concern. A planet so young and so close to death without cause. Whispered rumors around the Sanctuary foretold it as a sign of the beginning of the end for the Queen's reign or perhaps the very Cosmos itself. Even out of the Queen's official jurisdiction it was still a problem.

After the agents sent by the Royal Research Institute had failed with their investigation a more natural approach had been suggested. What better method than sending a Guardian to examine the situation? And as his first real show of to the Crown dedication Lumiale had agreed to go.

He spread the whole of the papers out on the desk. It really was a good deal to remember but he was sure he could manage. Again he read over the briefing, "I am to assume the role of Lucas Albright, a mid-level member of the Temporary Holdings Development, arriving in Wutai to receive reconstruction reports from the residing head SOLDIER officer. The region had previously engaged in combat with ShinRa's forces and is now under direct control with plans to pullout within a year. ShinRa started as an electric company but after complete monopolization of the market they are beginning to seize a veritable empire over most of The Planet. (note: Although official RRI records list this body as 'K-Hoshi7' the inhabitants have named it simply 'The Planet') Of particular concern is the use of an energy source called 'Mako.' While unable to collect samples to discern its true nature, our informants speculate that it may be a physical manifestation of Sacrea. Also it is said that this 'Mako' is used directly upon human beings to increase their physical and mental abilities for ShinRa's personal military force, SOLDIER."

The Institute had certainly done its homework. Other documents included diagrams of ShinRa's internal power structure, both corporate and military, various maps of the Planet, and examples of documents that he'd have to collect. The current theory was that the use of Mako was directly connected to the premature dilapidation and thus he had to find out anything relating to its use and properties. Lumiale shook his head solemnly. If it were really a physical manifestation of Sacrea than to perverse it so was a grievous crime. One that may have to be dealt with more directly than in covert operations such as this one.

The pilot opened the cabin door, "Lumiale-sama, we'll be arriving soon."

"Thank you, I'll be ready."

To remain discreet as to his arrival on the Planet, they had set up a temporary transport system not unlike the Star Disk used for Examinations. Not only secrecy but safety as well as gone into this choice as should anything happen to him he'd be able to make a quick if unorthodox escape. Besides, this world had yet to develop interstellar travel and being identified as an "alien" could have troublesome consequences.

His starting point lay a half-mile from the main city of Wutai in a small wood. From the moment he set foot though he could tell that this was indeed a world in peril. Thank goodness no one had been around to see his first reaction as the screams reached him. Never before had he come into contact with such an expression of complete and utter suffering. Soon though it faded back into wherever it had originated. Still, it left Lumiale shaken for a few minutes. After allowing himself to calm down he continued on.

As he walked toward the city walls, he checked the charm he'd been given. Animals on this planet were unusually aggressive but after encounters with them the Institute had developed an ultrasonic-pitch emitting bracelet which kept them at bay. Good thing to as he'd really hate to add to any more death to that which already tainted this world. In his current location, barely freed from the ravages it had suffered, was saturated with the feel of the Sacrea of Fire. But this was the negative aspect of the Sacrea; war, destruction, and suffering. Strength gone awry. All Sacrea behaved as a double-edged sword, even his own when Gentleness turned into Cowardice. But right now, Gentleness was required if this world was to heal. Carefully he released small amounts into the spiritual stream around him. Yes, if direct contact were deemed appropriate a lot of work would be needed.

The red walls of Wutai grew closer and he could see the scars from the invasion. At the city gate he ran his hand over a particularly deep gash in the wood. Undoubtedly the people were just as traumatized. He walked the streets and caught their wary glances. To them he was yet another member of the tyranny that had beaten them into submission. Honestly, he wouldn't hold it against them if they arbitrarily hated him.

His musings were broken as someone bumped into him. The young girl turned back and faced him directly with fear in her eyes. Obviously she had angered members of ShinRa before and was waiting for her punishment. He smiled at her and patted her on the head. "Be careful next time, little one."

She visibly relaxed thanks to the trace of Sacrea he put into the touch. Lumiale watched as she ran back towards one of the buildings before moving on. As the girl dashed to the doorway her grandmother grabbed her roughly. "What have I told you about crossing the ShinRa?"

"But, Grandmama, he is different," she responded with a pout.

The old woman shook her head. "I don't trust any of them. Especially one who looks so strange. Reminds me of that green-eyed demon of a general."

Meanwhile, Lumiale entered the temporary SOLDIER fortress which had previously been the Wutianese Lord's holding. It even stood in the same plaza as the Lord's Pagoda. Once a symbol of opulent power now transformed into a constant reminder of their victors. Inside the building a wave of spiritual power hit the Guardian hard. He could feel the presence of each of the SOLDIERs as acutely as his fellow servants of the Queen. But there was a harsh, artificial bite surrounding them as well. The probable sign of having Sacrea forcibly put into them instead of being born with it. That would definitely make it into his report, but first he needed to collect from the ShinRa directly.

Luckily, a member of the Institute had infiltrated their ranks before and had passed on the secrets to the rest. All it took were little things like a simple ID card and the right look and attitude. Lumiale possessed the ID, wore a crisp suit as per normal of the position, and was willing to assume the attitude. He approached what appeared to be the main desk and spoke to the young woman behind it, "I'm Lucas Albright from the main office." He gave her his ID to scan. "I've come to collect the monthly reports."

"Ah, Mr. Albright, we weren't expecting anyone from your department for another week. I'm afraid the full report isn't ready."

He smiled confidently at her, "That's okay. I'll just gather information from the source measurements and form my own report. Where might I find them?"

"Second floor, third door on your right, 'The Records Room.'"

"Thank you, miss." He headed off as she had directed.

In an office deeper within the building a security check came through. A smile curled on the face of the observer as interest sparked.

The Queen must have been smiling on Lumiale as the room was empty making it all the easier to carry out the plan. Even though he lacked any real computer expertise the Institute had again covered for him. All he had to do was place the disc he'd been given into any of the network computers and it would do the work. If the preliminary tests the others had been done were correct then the computers here should even be connected to those at ShinRa's head office. Time was the main issue but since he was one of the few with the clearance to enter it most likely wouldn't be a problem. It ended up taking five hours but he watched as the information was collected. While he didn't understand all of it, he did notice certain terms coming up over and over again one of which was Mako. Good, now he likely had the evidence necessary for judgment to be made on this planet.

He could also get out of here as quickly as possible. He'd hate to take any more risks than he needed to. As he was exiting the room though a call halted him, "Mr. Albright! Excuse me, sir."

Lumiale turned to meet gazes with a young man with messy black hair. "Zack, SOLDIER 1st Class at your service, Mr. Albright." He offered a hand which the other shook allowing a burst of the Sacrea of Wind to rush in.

Quickly, the Guardian recalled seeing his name on the records as a direct subordinate of the general. "And what do you need me for?"

"The general has asked to speak with you. It must be important since he doesn't often seek out people."

This probably would be best. A chance to get some information directly from one at the top of the chain. "Well, then lead the way."

They ascended to the top floor of the building and into a silent hallway. At the end stood a single door which still bore the Wutianese for "General" on it. Zack merely opened it and the Guardian walked through.

A power more potent that any he had encountered thus far rammed into him. It was the Sacrea of Flame, no doubt about it. Perhaps even purer than Oscar's. Either way it definitely was a different form than what the Guardian possessed. Wilder and far darker; Strength with no master but itself.

Hesitantly Lumiale approached the desk. The general sat with chair facing away. But he still recognized the new presence in the room. "Greetings, Albright. I've been looking forward to meeting you."

That was unsettling, but still he did his best to answer, "Really, general? I've only been here for a short time."

"I'm just curious as to where ShinRa found such a dedicated employee. Coming in a week early and compiling the report himself. It's almost suspicious," the cold baritone slid over the air.

Perceptive on top of powerful, a dangerous combination. "I was here so I figured that I should simply get it done. No sense letting my time go to waste."

With a slight squeak, the chair swung around, the man in it stood up, and Lumiale came face to face with the legendary General Sephiroth.

It was the glowing emerald eyes that captured him first. Was it his mind but were there tendrils of green fire weaving in those cat-like irises? The rest of the face was, to more than just his artist sensibility, undeniably handsome. His long silver hair could even make either Julious or Clavis jealous. Though Clavis would certainly appreciate the man's sense of fashion. His coat, shirt, pants, boots, all in pure black to contrast his pale skin. Again he spoke in that same knowing tone, "Is that so? Next thing you'll tell me that you're an environmentalist."

Lumiale fought back against at the prying interrogation, "And if I am?"

"I'll be even more surprised. ShinRa has weeded those with such opinions out over the years. But I'm sure your dedication outweighs that nasty little conviction."

"What about yourself, general? I think that someone in your position would be allowed such freedom." A surprising move to make but this was an opportunity to be milked for all its worth.

It was a move the general found amusing. "You've got spirit, Albright, I'll give you that much. But you are right that as long as I keep winning battles ShinRa allows me to hold any opinions I please. I do think though that without moderation they will exhaust the very commodity that secures their power."

"However, it's same that you rely on."

That was a step on to dangerous ground and his eyes and voice reflected that. "While according to the company it's the Mako that makes a SOLDIER, I think that it is only a small part of the equation. Those ignorant fools cloistered up in Midgar don't have any idea of what real war is like. They wouldn't last one minute on the battlefield."

Lumiale clearly got the impression that a minute against him on the battlefield was a blessing. He'd seen Oscar fence but he could imagine Sephiroth as a sheer force of nature wielding a sword. Especially if that rumor the researchers had heard about his massive katana was true.

Suddenly a soft vibration from the bracelet interrupted his thoughts. The signal that the transport was waiting to depart. He knew that it was best not to keep them waiting. "Unfortunately, I really must be on my way, general. It has been a pleasure to meet you."

With surprising speed, Sephiroth rounded the desk to stand in his way. "I haven't dismissed you, Albright. And I won't until you answer me one more question."

The Guardian frowned a little, but knew better than to argue. Though only an inch taller, the other man had at least fifty pounds on him most of it muscle. "What would that be?"

"Your hair is listed as being dyed but I can tell that it's natural by your eyelashes. Why do you have such a unique color? Not that I'm complaining." He reached up and touched the face he'd been watching so intently.

A hot rush flooded Lumiale's system. He reasoned that it must be from being in direct contact with such a vessel of the Sacrea of Flame, but something else told him that was a lie. Their conversation with its quick, polite jabs had been almost a type of mental foreplay. However, Sephiroth grew impatient at the lack of response and pushed further. "Why so silent all of a sudden? I was looking forward to a smart answer." He attempted to goad the blue-haired object of his intrigue further by brushing his fingertips over the slightly opened lips.

Now the Guardian understood what kept him glued to the spot. It wasn't just that his man burned intensely with a dark Flame but something greater. The charisma and force of one who wielded intense power. The kind of power that inspires phrases about aphrodisiacs. He couldn't avoid its siren call no matter how hard he tried. Even to the point that the general was able to claim his lips with his own.

Only then did Lumiale actually understand the draw of the Flame. He could literally feel it delving deep into him, mingling with his own Water. The feel of Strength and Gentleness reaching out to each other stunned him. But not as much of being denied it afterwards did.

Sephiroth stared into the half-lidded ocean depths of Lumiale's eyes. "I'll let you go for now, Lucas. But I expect you back in a month for the next report. By that time I plan to solve your little mystery. And trust me, I am very good at probing into mysteries."

By the Queen, did he have to make his voice contain so much carefully concealed sex? All Lumiale could do was manage a quick nod as the other opened the door. He was just about to practically sprint down the hall when the general whispered very closely in his ear, "I'll be waiting."

The Guardian of Water somehow made it out of the building and further out of town without turning back to that Flame alone on a dying world.

It had taken only a day for the Royal Research Institute to interpret the data gathered. Pastha presented his report before Queen and Guardians. Mako was indeed a form of Sacrea and it's abuse by the ShinRa corporation was rampant. Not only that but their blatant disregard for life as told in several reports involving animal and human experiences shocked the entire court. Finally, it came for the Queen to give her resolution on how they should be dealt with.

"It is in our opinion that the inhabitants of K-Hoshi7 have violated the principles of decency. Their cruelty to living creatures is abhorred, but most incriminating is their cheap exploitation of Sacrea, the very life blood of our Cosmos, for war and profit. Our judgment upon them is to cease all communication and deny their inclusion into the Mother Star System from this day forth. Yet, the true punishment for their greed will be rendered upon themselves by themselves as their self-destruction seems imminent. No mercy is shown to merciless."

All the Guardians bowed solemnly. The Queen's will would be carried out to its fullest extent.

A pang of sorrow pulsed through the heart of the Water Guardian. Later on, he painted an image of strangely beautiful silver-haired, green-eyed man that he kept for only himself. His own way of keeping alive a Flame extinguished all too early.


Authoress' Note - Yet another strange fan fic from Anime Kitty, ne?

This came about mainly from my musings about Sacrea and it's nature. The first part was the idea that there is a darker side to the Sacrea's power than what we seen (anyone who's played the game and been Hindered in their Cultivation knows that). And my normal Taoist thinking came to wonder if there was an more direct opposite to Lumiale (my favorite Guardian) and his positive Water force. Eventually I came to Sephiroth of FF7 fame as one representing the idea of the darker aspect of Flame. And that's where it started.

Originally I was just gonna do a fan art or two but the idea of a cross-over fan fic intrigued me. And luckily, there is just enough ambiguity in the two series to pull it off and still have it be probable (a big sticking point for me). The shounen-ai just came in of its own accord. ^^;

Umm, stupid fact - I chose the label "K-Hoshi7" based on the Japanese version of the game in which the Planet is referred to as "Kono Hoshi."