Caught in the Shadows
A different kind of Angelique Fan-fiction

Rated in the gray area between PG-13 and R for talk of sex and a general creepy feel.

Set in a slightly AU version of Tenkuu no Requiem wherein Rosalia has been captured by Leviath’s forces.

She had to. She had to be strong and wait out her imprisonment until she could either figure a way out or be rescued. Hardly one to play to damsel in distress, Rosalia had searched the room she had been forced into thoroughly to find any possible escape route. No such luck though. The doors were bolted from the outside as were the windows. The ventilation ducts opened in from the high ceiling, the wall-to-wall carpeting couldn’t be lifted up, no passages hidden in the walls. Nothing. Besides such explorations could only be done in the dark of the night when she was thought to be sleeping. Only then were the two female guards assigned to her gone, left to exchange shifts with the other set.

Suddenly, a long streak of light broke through the dark of the room. With a twist she watched as a foreboding shadow blocked out of much of the new luminescence followed by the voice she dreaded most, "Good evening, Lady Rosalia."

Crawling farther back on the bed she summed up her fears in one hushed breath, "Leviath."

"You should know by now that I prefer 'Emperor Leviath,' but as I've decided to visit you unexpectedly I suppose I can forgive this trespass." He entered the room so that she could actually see him and the fact that he was not wearing his normal armor and cape, "I have not come to harm you or any unpleasant business like that. I just want to have a nice, friendly conversation."

Biting her tongue, she stared at the carpet in an attempt to ignore him. But the sound of the door shutting in his wake made her shudder inside at the idea that she was now trapped with this madman. Worse still was that he sat down on the edge of the bed dangerously closer to her. So close that she could not block out his voice, "Why so cold, Lady Rosalia? I should think you would be grateful that I have given you such a beautiful room for your captivity when I could have easily shipped you out to some far-off dungeon. Of course I could never dream of putting a lady like yourself through such hardship..."

Losing her patience, she spoke shortly, "I know you are not here for idle talk. Simply say what you wish to and leave me in peace."

A slow chuckle wound about, "You honestly think so little of me? I am sincerely hurt by such a barb, m'lady. And after I went to the trouble of learning all about you one would think you could at least give me a moment of your time."

Now she turned to face him, her lose hair twining all around her, "You know nothing of me."

He leaned in closer, those sharp eyes deadly in their dark beauty, "On the contrary, I know more about you than you can imagine. Such as, if I am to believe the reports from the Institute then you most certainly should have been Queen instead of Limoges. What with your steady, even-handed rule of your charges and your cool-headed decision-making Felicia prospered wonderfully. And that is not even mentioning your proud heritage or... regal beauty," the last part came out as a low purr as he took hold of one of her curls.

She felt sick at the contact, but kept her voice steady, "If you think that flattery will sway me, you are sadly mistaken. I have nothing but the utmost loyalty to the throne and to Angelique as a friend."

Feigning surprise he dropped her hair, "Oh, forgive me if I have insinuated any attack on your character, but it was not intentional. In fact I find your self-less devotion to Crown and Cosmos to be another one of your admirably qualities. You have so many of them." Pausing, his eternal smirk curled into an equally evil smile, "Such a perfect example of an outstanding woman... on the outside at least."

"What?" It was impossible for her to not to question such an attack.

Almost as a consolation, he placed a hand upon her shoulder, "It couldn't have remained a secret forever. Especially with such loose-lipped servants."

At once scared and curious it took everything to keep her thoughts on the truly important matters, "What did you do to them?"

"I can assure you that I did not harm them in way. You are well aware that physical torture is not in my repertoire. Not when there are other less messy methods of persuasion." She could feel him shrug his shoulders, "But that really is beside the point, is it not? I believe that the real issue is that many of those roses they wore must have been made of paper seeing how easily they divulged their knowledge."

Still unbelieving of his supposed bluff, she played dumb instead, "I'm glad that they are safe, but I do not know what you are talking about."

His cruel laughter echoed about the room and in her ears, "Oh... my dear Lady Rosalia, thank you for such a fine jest. But I know. I know all about it. And I on one level I sympathize with you, I really do."

Refusing to give him the satisfaction of knowing how unnerved she was, she instead gave no indication of a response.

Leviath frowned a little at this snub but continued undaunted, "It really is understandable. There you were - a barely seventeen year-old girl whisked away from a family she would never see again and thrust into a world of complex relations and bureaucracies. Then tossed into a role of influence and power at the dawn of your fledging adulthood. It must have been so frightening and lonely. No wonder you sought out comfort in unorthodox manners and places."

Further shocked, her silence was now rooted in her indignant surprise.

Completely aware of the effect he had, he kept going, "So, you turned to someone older with a gentle touch and soft heart; Luva, the Earth Guardian. Ah, the beauty of a first love. In the dead of the night you would sneak to his mansion, reveling in the sweet nectar of forbidden fruit, and there he would take off his turban for you... well, maybe not just his turban."

After another punctuation of chuckles, he returned to his speech, "But soon, while you were emotionally fine, your physical relationship wasn't all to be desired. I guess it was only natural for you to seek out some fun that didn't have any strings attached. Who better to fulfill your desires then the Guardian of Dreams? You certainly discovered that even though he dressed like woman he was indeed all man. But while enjoying all the pleasures of the body, your heavy heart racked with guilt. Unable to let go of blissfully unaware Luva you instead were doubly kind to him. Even if he did not catch the pattern the servants certainly noticed that every time you took a constitutional to the Dream Guardian's bed that within a few days Luva received a book he had been pining for as a 'just because' present."

Almost trembling with anger and embarrassment, she barely managed to hold back the tears on top of keeping her tongue in check until she could come up with a possible rebuke.

"But while you were bouncing between two of the most powerful men in the Cosmos came the latest Queen Examination for the new universe. And that brought in your latest interest. I can see how sharing your bed with a scholar and a cross-dresser would spurn one to look for a more masculine companion. The solider, Victor I believe, met that requirement. Thus he was added into the rotation of your lusts, meeting any needs the other two left unfulfilled. Overall, though, it was a very loving relationship. One of his attendants even mentioned that you had a penchant for counting his scars. How adorable," he remarked in a falsely sugarcoated tone.

"You are very cruel to play my emotions in this way," her admission of defeat was barely audible.

Both hands came about her shoulders as he appeared to console her, "I know, my dear lady. The truth is painful, is it not? But really it is not your fault. It is not as if you were the only one involved in such scandalous activities. Even the Queen herself was not above such business. Though, she seemed to prefer the more youthful blood about the Sanctuary, particularly that Wind Guardian. I was even told by one source that she helped to make the innocent doe-eyed Guardian of the Green less innocent. Apparently it wasn't even that strange to have Guardians consorting amongst themselves. If I am not mistaken, the pair everyone knew about was Clavis and Lumiale, but rumors circulated around others such as Julious and Oscar. There was also that artsy Tutor who had no reservations when it came to providing services of a very non-academic nature."

Still severely outraged, Rosalia found her voice despite the shaking in it, "Why? Why are you doing this to me? What possible reason could you have?"

His two-tone eyes narrowed, "To make you see. See how this supposedly holy and wholesome institution has been perverted by those corrupted by a power given to them through methods that defy proper authority. Here in a far off seclusion from the common man this elite ruling class gives its members carte blanche to exercise social rules that go directly against the noble presentation the people believe in. I assure you that once my regime is fully established such practices will cease along with the new ideal of power being given to those with the power and skills to seek it, instead of simply letting it fall into unworthy hands."

At the last comment she could retort, "You are forgetting that this Cosmos relies upon the spiritual power of Sacrea and those that are given control over it. I've seen those fakes of yours and they cannot hold up to the originals."

He had planned for this point and had a reply at the ready, "The current forms of my subordinates has nothing to do with replacing your precious Guardians nor is that any of your concern. As for the control of Sacrea, if all of those blessed with its power are as easily captured and detained as your aforementioned nine then I think that keeping a thumb on the issue should be a minor concern."

Despite his effort to derail it, her renewed confidence sustained, "You are wrong about that, 'Emperor' Leviath. There is resistance to your coup and they will prevail."

Laughing once more, he rose from her bed, "You are quite the entertainment, Lady Rosalia. Please, feel inclined to tell the guards if that chronic loneliness of yours acts up and perhaps one of my men, or even myself should I be in a particular humor, may help you cure it."

As he opened the door to leave, he craned his neck back around to face her once more through his black bangs, "And even if your rebels should topple me, I have supporters in many places and it will take barely a word to spread news of the many misconducts of this court to the fair people of the Cosmos. I may be accepting of your lifestyles, but can any of you answer for your crimes before your own constitutes?"

Again the door of her prison shut and Rosalia was engulfed in more than just physical darkness.

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