The Magical Medical Adventures of Dr. Sei-Lan and Nurse Randy

I, Anime Kitty, hereby pledge to write a very silly, very odd, and with some incredible divine intervention, a very funny fanfic involving Sei-Lan and Randy as they try to solve some problems around the Sanctuary... They should be done in the next decade or so.
Session 1 – The Doctor is in

Session 1 – The Doctor is in

     It was a beautiful day in the Sanctuary, a beautiful day in the Sanctuary, but that is beside the point since this story would work no matter what the weather. I just wanted to get in a Mr. Roger’s reference in memorial to his passing. Setting and children’s television figures aside, it was still a nice day. Which were Randy’s favorite since it meant that he could go to the park and do gymnastics and watch Zephel fly his kite and play with other people’s dogs. However, always work came before fun. As he approached the office buildings he ran into, not literally mind you, into the Sense Tutor, Sei-Lan. “Good morning!” Randy said brightly.
     “Good morning, Randy.” He answered as they climbed the stairs together. They would have entered the main door if Rosalia had not been standing in front of it. Randy noticed her concerned look and asked, “What’s wrong, Rosalia-san?”
     “Well, I’m sorry to say that there will be no work today.”
     “No work?” Sei-Lan asked, certain she wasn’t serious. “That’s impossible, unless....”
     Randy’s imagination picked up on the trailed thought. “Unless... Julious-sama is DEAD!! Oh, sweet Queen, why didn’t you tell us, Rosalia-san? I’m so sorry!” He grabbed on her as he began to sob.
     “Randy, Randy, Julious-sama is not dead.” She told him as she patted his head and tried to wiggle out of his embrace.
     “He’s not?” Randy sniffled.
     “No, he’s not.”
     Sei-Lan cut into the conversation. “So, then why is work canceled?”
     Rosalia handed Randy her handkerchief and turned to the Instructor. “Well, almost all the Guardians as well as some other people have fallen ill. To make matters worse, the barrier is undergoing maintenance so no one can enter or exit.”
     “That is a bizarre and unfortunate coincidence.”
     “I know. It is almost as if it had been pre-arranged for the sick amusement of some perverse higher being.”
     They both stopped and looked around as Randy continued to blow his nose.
     After the feeling of being like bugs in a mayonnaise jar had passed, Rosalia continued with “Anyway, it’s too bad that even the Sanctuary doctor is sick. If only there was someone who had some medical experience who wasn’t bed-ridden around...”
     This time Sei-Lan’s mind filled in the rest of the thought. With an idea racing through his head, he grabbed Randy’s free hand and began to pull him down the stairs before he could protest. In afterthought, Sei-Lan called back to the Queen’s Aide, “Don’t you worry, Rosalia-san. I have an idea!”


     “Now... what are we looking for again?” Randy asked as he and Sei-Lan waded through the collection of books that lay strewn over the poet’s floor.
     “This.” Sei-Lan proudly held up a large brown book before the Wind Guardian. “1001 Helpful Home Remedies for People too Busy/Cheap to see a Doctor” He read the title aloud.
     “Great! Now can we go help everyone?” The brown-haired boy asked excitedly.
     Pondering for a moment, the Tutor finally answered, “Not yet... We’re not properly dressed for the part.” With a quick gesture, he flipped open the skull of a bust of Shakespeare and pressed a button within which activated the secret door in the bookcase. “To the Sei-Lan Cave!”


     After a psychedelic, 60’s-esque, and copyright-infringing transition, our setting changes to an underground chamber filled with interesting looking devices which may or may not be computers. All was quiet except for a few random beeps until, “WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”
     Randy stopped his descent down the pole three feet above the ground and leaned back, griping it with both his hands and crossed legs, “That was fun! Let’s do it again!”
     Sei-Lan alighted from his own pole “Maybe later if we have the time.”
     “’Kay.” He removed himself from the position that could have inspired some people to stuff five-dollar bills into a certain article of his clothing and proceeded to follow the older boy, his welken eyes expanding (1) at the site before him. “Gosh, where’d you get all this cool stuff?
     “Internet.” (2)
     “Right decade, wrong series, Randy.” Sei-Lan turned after his correction to the young woman who stood by the device labeled ‘The Sei-Interositor.’(3) The woman adjusted her maid outfit, “Welcome back, sir.”
     “Hello, Charlotte. I trust that all has been prepared?”(4)
     “I had the outfits made to your exact specifications. However... we were unable to procure a ‘Sei-Lan Mobile’ since cars don’t seem to exist in this cosmos. (5) We did get a very nice two-person bicycle instead, sir.”
     “I guess that will have to do. Come Randy, to the changing rooms!”


     A few seconds later...(6)
     Randy inspected himself in the mirror. Something didn’t seem to be right with his costume, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. “Sei-Lan?”
     “Yes?” The Tutor responded as he placed a stethoscope around his neck.
     “Am I supposed to be wearing a female nurse outfit?” To drive home his point Randy tugged on the rather short white skirt.
     “It’s all we could find in your size. Just be glad it’s not lavender.”(7)
     “But... you get to wear that cool costume.” He motioned to Sei-Lan’s green doctor scrubs, the shirt of which was left unbuttoned so that the stethoscope lay right against his chest.
     Sei-Lan merely sighed and rolled his eyes. “That doesn’t matter now. We have work to do. To the Sei-Bike!” He pointed dramatically before running over to the said vehicle, jumping on the front seat and then patting the back seat of the bike invitingly.(8) Randy merely shrugged and followed along like a loyal puppy, though he did have a much harder time getting on the bike while in his skirt.
     And with that, they were off.


Authoress’ Notes (Or where I point out all the people I have ripped off in the making of this chapter)

Yaho! (yes, that is stolen from Olivie in OVA 2. But it’s too cute not to steal) This is the first time I’ve ever felt the need to do a notes section for an Asylum fic. Then again, this is the first time I’ve ever done a project which contains pop references, some of which may be obscure. Those I’ll explain using the number system with but the more general ones I’ll just list, along with any other stupid comments I feel like typing.

Anywho, this whole idea was the result of an evil combo – My surfing of the Japanese Web and Tabby getting sick. I had recently seen a fanart of Randy in a nurse’s outfit (which I still haven’t found again to this day) and Tabby wasn’t feeling well so I wrote in our E-mail exchange that I would send Dr. Sei-Lan and Nurse Randy (who are her fave couple if you’re not aware of it by now) over to help. The rest is history...

As for obvious references in this session –
Excel Saga (the whole "pledge" thing. And, yes, there will be one for each Session)
Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood (We miss you, Fred!)
The Original Batman TV series

And the obscure ones –
1. “his welken eyes expanding” Quoted from Billy Budd, Sailor by Herman Melville. Chapter 9 contains one of the funniest scenes in classic literature if your mind happens to be in the gutter.
2. “Internet” Often used by Timmy on the cartoon “The Fairly Odd Parents” when he has to explain where he obtains the items that he wishes for.
3. All the Sei- stuff – On the original Batman TV series, all the devices had “Bat-“ in front of them, like Batmobile and Batarang. So it only makes sense to carry it over, using “Sei-“ instead of “Bat-“ Also, the Sei-Interositor is a reference to “Mystery Science Theater 3000 – This Island Earth.”
4. The whole thing with Charlotte – If you remember, she is the maid mentioned in the manga. I just needed someone to act as the Alfred, and she fit the role... on a weirder note, my old computer was named Lord Charlotte after the villain from Sorcerer Hunters since both were old, vengeful, hateful, and naked.
5. “cars don’t seem to exist in this cosmos” – You’d think with interstellar and intercosmic travel and hoverbikes there were be cars, but I have never seen a car in any Angelique media except for Leviath’s Delorian in the Arios music video in OVA 3.
6. “A few seconds later...” – Twice in the OVAs (OVA2 and OVA3) have there been cases of near instant costume change.
7. “Just be glad it’s not lavender” – Allusion to this fanart at Xytiol. Tabby actually wrote a mini-fic about how Lumiale actually got in that position (it involved a major reference to Alien)
8. “then patting the back seat of the bike invitingly.” Taken from the SpongeBob SquarePants episode “Neptune's Spatula” when Neptune invites SpongeBob to come to Atlantis with him.

That’s all for now, and remember – We only kid ‘cause we love! (please remember that, since this whole thing is about to go downhill)