Shatterer of Worlds

Chapter 2
That Sweet and Final Hour

When the mountain touches the valley, all the clouds are taught to fly

Julious placed the gold circlet around her head.

Clavis attached the earrings that drooped from her lobes.

Thus our souls will leave this land most peacefully

Luva set the veil that covered her hair in translucent white.

Lumiale played the haunting requiem at the funeral.

Though our minds be filled with questions, in our hearts we'll understand

Olivie did her make-up erasing all marks from her death.

Oscar tucked the white rose into her hair.

When the river meets the sea

Randy donated the broach which lay upon her breast.

Zephel made the barrettes which held her hair in place.

Like a flower that has blossomed in the dry and barren sand

Marcel arranged the bouquet of lilies she held.

Sei-Lan wrote the poem which formed the wrapping for the bouquet.

We are born and born again most gracefully

Timka set the bracelets around each of her wrists.

Victor led the pallbearers.

Thus the winds of time will take us with a sure and steady hand

Mel created the necklace that rested around her throat.

Ernst performed the embalming.

When the river meets the sea

Charlie provided the beautiful casket.

Queen Limoges, Rosalia, and Rachel designed the pale pink dress she wore.

Patience, my brothers and patience, my son, in that sweet and final hour
Truth and justice will be done.

She was buried beneath the Great Tree on Arcadia. It had always been her favorite spot.

Like a baby when it is sleeping in its loving mother's arms,
What a newborn baby dreams is a mystery

Some said they could see the rosy shadow of Alphonsia, the Sacred Beast who watched the Cosmos, crying over her grave.

But his life will find a purpose and in time he'll understand

That night a meteor shower fell across the sky.

When the river meets the sea

It looked as though the stars were shedding tears.

When the river meets the almighty sea

Just a minor song OAR. “When the River Meets the Sea” was composed by Paul William in 1977 for John Denver to sing. It represents a kind of winter death as it appeared on a few of Denver’s Christmas albums. Strange place for such a sad song.

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