Shatterer of Worlds

A Dark Angelique AU fic by Anime Kitty

Disclaimer - Angelique belongs to Koei. I led it through a pitch-black forest and hopefully it will eventually return to its peaceful meadow.

Rating - R for language, graphic imagery, and general feel.

Warnings - Death fic, tons of angst, the general strange psychology that comes with a dark AK fic, and shounen-ai.

Credits - Thanks to my LJ group, especially Tabby, for giving me this idea even if it was originally a joke. Many thanks also go to Marfisa as always for her wonderful distribution of Angelique translations and for answering my questions. Oh, and thanks to The Bhagavad Gita whose "I am become Death, the Shatterer of Worlds" quote inspired the title.

Collapsing the Wave

There is a theory about the nature of the universe. And it is explained with a box.

In this box, there is a cat. Now there are two possible outcomes for when the box is opened. The cat will either be alive or dead. Two different sets of circumstances will occur depending on what state the cat is found in. And to account for both sets to be acted out, a new alternate universe will be created to accommodate the other set of circumstances not followed in one universe.

Every action, conscious or not, is a cat in a box. Every road not taken in this universe is taken in another. Each breath, each blink, each step brings another universe into being. There is a universe with a whole other set of stars. There is a universe where living worlds are barren and desolate. There is a universe where you are not reading this.

Taking into consideration the trillions of actions that take place daily, you see the infinite possibilities for infinite universes.

This story is about opening a box in the Angelique universe and unexpectedly finding a dead cat.

And that has made all the difference.

Welcome to OAR, "Outside Angelique References." Shatter (my short-hand term for this story) uses a lot of real-world information to form a foundation for various ideas. The idea of "collapsing the wave" is an actual theory of quantum mechanics. I only know the rough concept, but it does seem to apply very well to the idea of "alternate universe" fiction.

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