Project: Holiday Seduction

By the festively funny Anime Kitty
Dedicated to Tabby, the best bud a fangirl ever had.
Background provided by 'From the Heart's Christmas Backgounds'

Disclaimer - For Christmas, Koei gave me the rights to Angelique...but then I woke up and realized it was only a dream. And I had such plans for the series too! Like an OVA of just fanservice. No story or anything, just raw fanservice. Can you say "Lumiale shower scene"?

Warnings - BL and a slight Collet bash.

It was all set. The materials had been gathered and all that was needed was to set the plan in motion.

First, there was the hat purchased from Charlie for a nominal fee. Just an average Santa Hat except for the fact that a sprig of mistletoe hanging from a short stick embedded in the front. Just to guarantee that his favorite holiday tradition would be present once everything was underway.

Secondly, was the matching "sexy Santa" outfit personally designed by Olivie. It had cost him one custom order piece of erotic poetry plus an hour of modeling said outfit. Still he was curious how that picture of him licking the candy cane would turn out.

Ready to begin, he changed into his full ensemble. Taking a slight pause he gazed at his reflection in the full-length mirror. "Sei-Lan, you are a super fox."

Thus attired he set out to find the last piece of his puzzle; Randy the Wind Guardian. He had tried several times to convince the other of how he felt. The little flirtations hadn't worked, especially when after winking at him one too many times Randy had asked, "Do you have something in your eye?" A poem comparing the brown-haired boy to a galloping gazelle he'd like to catch had only gotten him a documentary on "The Savage Wilderness" as a return present. Not even the rather explicit set of charts, personally illustrated by a slightly too-willing Lumiale, had failed to deliver the message.

But with this coat and this hat, it just might do the trick.

However, his carefully laid plans began to untangle as the fact that other people might get involved became apparent. Oh, he knew that in this outfit he was too hot for own good in this suit but the attention he getting was far more than he expected. When it was just a maid or two giving him a little peck he hadn't been bothered. But then Rachel had tackled him and almost tore the mesh coat. Rosalia gushed over him for the better part of ten minuets and dragged the Queen over who asked him in that high voice of hers whether she could have him under the tree. The last straw was Collet actually involving her tongue, causing him to put the plan on hold while he showered and brushed his teeth several times.

Once back on the hunt once again more obstacles popped up. Mel stole his precious hat and used it to lure a poor Ernst into a make-out session. Luckily the hat survived intact but the same couldn't be said for Ernst's computer. Oscar made some comments that could be classified as verbal molestation if anyone else had said them. Upon seeing him, Zephel had blushed furiously, dropped whatever project he had been working on, and proceeded to go into an impressive torrent of curses. Even Victor gave him a suggestive gaze.

But that wasn't what he wanted dammit. What he wanted was... well, to write it here would violate several decency laws on top of getting the author in some legal trouble with fine distributors of bananas everywhere.

Weary and beaten from a day gone horribly wrong, Sei-Lan slumped on the stairs of the Holy Palace. A little part of him had hoped for an ending out of one of those dime a dozen Christmas miracle movies but that apparently was too much to ask for. Already the words for a rather morose poem began to gather when he felt a tapping on his shoulder. Randy waved at him with a smile. Somewhere the "Halleluiah chorus" was playing.

"Ah, Randy-sama, I was looking for you."

"Meh tooh."

Sei-Lan raised an eyebrow, "What did you say?"

"Whell, youh sthee I wasth sthealing Christhmasth cardsth whehn I gought eh pahpehcut oun mah tohngue. Cahn youh hehlp meh finish?" He held out a pile of cards and envelopes.

Dammit, now he felt just awful. He had been all wrapped up in this seduction and completely oblivious to what the season was all about. With a smile he took the cards, "Of course I'll help you, Randy-sama."

"Thankyuu!" He started to head to his office where the task would be easier. "Baih da whay, Mehrrie Christhmasth."

"Merry Christmas." Sei-Lan leaned over and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

"Haeh, misthletoe!"

A Happy Holiday Season to All!

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