Title: Pact of Remorse and Pity

Summary: Lumiale heals Clavis' broken heart and Luva finds someone's been looking out for him all along.

Pairings: Clavis X Luva, Clavis X Lumiale, Luva X Oscar

Rating: R eventually

Disclaimer: I wish I did but I don't own these guys or the Angelique Universe where they come from.

Author's Note: I cannot believe how little Angelique fanfiction there is. Come on, you ignorant people, think of the BISHOUNEN! This story written with the help of my bestest friend,

Ahem. Carry on.


The Guardian of Dark thought about what his life was worth now that his love had left him. Luva had promised that their love would never outlast their friendship but Clavis could not help but feel his heart shatter into pieces so small that they could be passed through the eye of Rosalia's embroidery needle. He put his head in his hands and a muffled sob was quickly stifled even more as he heard footsteps outside of his door. He prayed that whoever it was would leave soon. Lumiale's voice pierced the silence and Clavis' gloom.

"Are you there, Clavis-sama?" He asked. Clavis didn't answer but instead closed his eyes wishing to withdraw into the self-induced depression. But the Guardian of Water stayed.

Insistent bastard, thought Clavis unkindly.

"Avoiding me, Clavis-sama?" Lumiale's hand rested on Clavis's shoulder gently; startling the dark-haired man; he had not heard the door open.

"What is it, Lumiale? I am busy." Lumiale raised his eyebrows a fraction of an inch but he did not reply. Instead his expression softened and he knelt in front of Clavis and took the Guardian's hand. Clavis looked up, surprised. He opened his mouth, about to speak but Lumiale raised a finger and put it to Clavis' lips, silencing him momentarily.

"Tell me," Lumiale whispered.


Oscar made his way to the book-filled study where he knew that Luva would be, engrossed in a new volume or wrapped up in creating new worlds of his own at the stroke of a pen. He stopped in the corridor outside Luva's door.

Or he could be with Clavis.

In which case, he, Oscar, should not intrude. He turned and started to walk the other way when a voice called out to him from behind.

"Oscar, did you want me?" Luva asked, his head poking around the door. Oscar closed his eyes.

With all my heart, he thought.

"Luva, I just wanted to talk. But - if you're busy..."

"No, not at all. In fact, I - I could do with someone to talk to myself." Then Oscar noticed the redness of Luva's eyes, like he'd been crying. Had he and Clavis been arguing? The hope that welled up in Oscar at that thought was washed away with shame. Both Guardians were his friends and he would not wish either of them ill, least of all, anything that might jeopardise their friendship, not to mention love, with each other, even if Oscar felt the way about Luva that he did.

He walked towards Luva, a small, kind smile on his face.

"What's the matter, Luva? Why have you been - " He stopped as the Guardian of Earth threw his arms around Oscar's neck and began weeping into his shoulder. Oscar managed to manoeuvre them into the study and closed the door.


Lumiale held Clavis so that the crying Guardian of Dark would not see the tears streaming down his own face. He had held affection for the other ever since he had arrived at the Sanctuary as the new Guardian of Water and over the years they had been in close proximity with each other, the affection had turned in to a strong, all-encompassing love. But as long as Luva and Clavis had remained together he had been content to stand back. As long as Clavis was happy, he, Lumiale, was happy.

But he could not even begin to fathom what had happened between the two to make the normally stoic Guardian behave the way he did now. Not even to Lumiale, his closest friend, did he let his guard slip that much. When Lumiale had come to speak with Clavis, it was because he had noticed the other had been becoming more and more distant and then he had overheard a maids' conversation that an argument between the Guardian of Earth and Dark had been heard outside Luva's study the previous evening. Lumiale had wanted to talk to Clavis, to confirm it maybe, although he could never have believed that the rumour was true, but most of all ascertain the reason for the distant behaviour. Now, here he was, comforting Clavis, who was sobbing so hard that his heart must have been splintered so badly, shattered even, after he had opened it to Luva, just as he had once done to a Queen Candidate in the past.


You're going to hate me but I've left it there for now. How do you like it so far then?

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