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Oscar opened the door for the maid who came with the tea so she would not see Luva and the Guardian of Earth would be spared embarrassment. Thanking her, he closed the door and put the tray on the bit of the desk that was not taken up with books and paperwork. Looking over to the small couch on which Luva was lying, Oscar smiled fondly and knelt beside the recumbent Guardian. Luva's hair flowed free from hid headdress and the Guardian of Fire noted with some surprise how long it was. Nearly to Luva's shoulders, teal locks curled ever so slightly and framed his face, which in sleep looked child-like.

So innocent, thought Oscar as he absentmindedly stroked Luva's forehead. He looked over to where he had left the tray with the tea on it and observed the wisps of steam that had been curling from the spout of the porcelain teapot gradually dwindling as the minutes passed. He thought ruefully that it was a shame to let it go cold but he was very reluctant to rouse Luva from sleep. He laid his head down on the arm rest beside Luva's and closed his eyes.


Lumiale stood with Clavis in his arms for what felt like an eternity. The Guardian of Dark had long since ceased to cry and Lumiale wasn't sure if he was asleep, but whether or not that was the case, the Guardian of Water's arms were becoming numb and he desperately needed a cup of tea.

"Clavis?" He finally ventured after another minute. "Clavis!" The dark-haired man made an indistinct noise and slowly raised his head.


"Do you want a cup of tea, my friend?" The barest hint of a smile adorned Clavis' lips. He nodded slightly.

"I shall fetch some presently then. I will be back, I promise," Lumiale assured him as he went out of the door. When the Guardian had left, Clavis sank back down in the abandoned chair with a small sigh. He was feeling tired and confused and a developing headache was not improving his mood. Lumiale's embrace had enveloped him in comfort and a sense of wellbeing, which had caused the initial confusion. He put his head in his hands again. Before Lumiale had woken him from the light sleep he had fallen into, he had been dreaming about himself and the Guardian of Water in each other's arms, ki- no. No. Lumiale was his best friend and if there was something that Clavis was determined to do, it was not to confuse the friendship he shared with him with deeper feelings. Not after Luva. Although he and the Guardian of Earth were still friends, Clavis knew that things would never again be the same between them. He could never do that to Lumiale.

He groaned. The headache was getting worse; the pain in his head felt like someone had taken a rubber mallet to his skull.

"What's the matter, Clavis-sama?" Lumiale asked as he came into the room, a tray with two cups and a teapot balanced in one hand. Clavis was grateful that he had not called a maid. The Guardian of Dark preferred his fašade when dealing with others who were not his closest friends such as Lumiale was, and felt unable to put on his mask of calm at the present moment.

Placing the tray on Clavis' bedside table, Lumiale came over and once more knelt before the chair. HE laid a cool hand on Clavis' forehead and the corners of his mouth went down.

"You have a very high temperature, my friend. Are you sure you won't lie down?" Clavis nodded.

"If it would be better," he whispered. Lumiale stood.

"Then I shall leave now and come back later, if you want me too." Clavis nodded again distantly, his eyes beginning to droop. He doubted whether his head would even make it to the pillow before he fell asleep.

Lumiale closed the door softly behind him with a kind smile. Once outside in the corridor, he decided to pay Luva a visit.


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