This story is loosely based on my interpretation on Randy's music video in the Angelique Twin OVA. I'll admit that I'm a mere amateur when it comes to Angelique, but I just started to get really into it and found some of the characters cool! Although my main genre of anime are sci-fi/action/comedy, I was able to expand my horizon and accept this series. Like I said before, I just started to get into this series and don't know a whole lot about Randy or his past life, so if anyone reads this,(and you are a Randy fan) please don't get too mad!!

-Lee Mack
Now on with the story...


Randy sat next to his window and stared outside. Outside the village looked like a winter wonderland. The trees were covered with snow and smoke was coming out the chimneys of other houses. Everything seemed so nice and peaceful, but this young man didn't seem to be happy. His eyes sadly glanced out the window as if he's waiting for something exciting to happen; something out of the ordinary that would be a great difference from the small village. Suddenly a loud grumbling noise came from the pit of his stomach. "Boy am I hungry!" he exclaimed. "I guess I go into town today and get me a loaf of bread." Randy grabbed his scarf and jacket and also his bicycle and headed toward the door. But when he opened it, he notice that the ground was extremely slippery. "I guess I have to travel by foot." he said sadly and he put his bike up and went down to the village.

Randy made his way to the village, but for some reason the village seemed more crowded than usual. The streets were filled with people and carts. It seemed impossible for one to find his way around."Good thing that I didn't bring my bike after all!" exclaimed Randy. He walked towards the bakery but not before passing a flower shop. The shop was small but seemed homely It was filled with pretty flowers, which seemed a bit odd to him. It was winter after all.. He walked to the window of the store to get a closer look Suddenly, something caught his eye. He saw a young girl, not much older than him with a delicate face and long platinum hair. "Wow!" said Randy "She's pretty cute!" Then the girl turned to see Randy and gave him a smile. This startled Randy as he started to blush. He was in such a daze the he didn't pay much attention to his footing and fell to the curb and into a old man. "Watch were you're going, sunshine!" said the old man angrily as he walked away. Randy slowly rose to his feet and turned his attention back to the girl at the flower shop, but to his dismay, she was gone! A bit disappointed, Randy headed toward the bakery.

"What!? You're out of bread!? What kind of bakery is this!?" exclaimed Randy, shocked to believe his misfortune. "I'm sorry," said the baker. A lot of people came to my store and bought a lot of bread. It is winter after all. I'm out of flour and wheat so you'll just have to wait some other time. The baker shoved Randy to the door and out into the streets. "Thank you! Come Again!" said the baker and he slammed the door in Randy's face. "Damn this stupid village!" said Randy. "Things can't possibly get any worse!" Suddenly snow began to fall from the sky, pretty much raining on his already sad parade. "I guess things can get worse." exclaimed the melancholic boy. Before he could turn to leave, the baker opened his door and threw a poor black cat out the door and into a box outside the shop."Away you ferocious beast!" he exclaimed and slammed the door. Snow came from the sign and covered the cat.

"You poor thing." exclaimed Randy as he came to the cat's aid.. He reached through the snow and pulled the cat out."I guess I'm not the only one alone in this town. Come on, let's go home. The boy cuddled the black cat and puts in his jacket. Out of nowhere a red umbrella covers him from the falling snow. "How cute!" said a voice. Randy turns around to see.. her! The girl from the flower shop. She looked more prettier in person. "I'm new here!" she said. "Not a lot of people are really friendly here aren't they?" She giggles softly. Randy could do nothing but blush and stare at the beautiful stranger."Oh, silly me," she said. "My name is Haru. It means spring in Japanese. It would also describe why I love flowers too!" "And I'm Randy." exclaimed the boy. He was still blushing. "It's nice to meet you Randy!" said Haru. "Perhaps we shall meet again." As the girl turned away, Randy couldn't help himself and shouted. "Do you want to go out for some coffee sometime?" The platinum-haired girl slowly turned around. "Maybe" she said. "That's if you come by my shop tomorrow!" "Deal!" said Randy. Haru smiled at her new friend and continued to go on her way. Randy stayed where he was, watching the girl before she disappeared from his sight. "For once in my life, things are starting to go right!" He exclaimed. But little did the boy know, things will become a lot more different than he expects.

(Small note: In Randy's video, the girl doesn't have a name. I decided to name her Haru since she worked at a flower shop in the video.)


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