Author’s note: This story takes place after the first game and before Angelique Collet and Rachel Hart come. (I think that’s "Angelique Special 2", if my memory serves me right.) So, only the 9 guardians are involved.
Even though I’ve played the SNES Angelique, I’m getting most of my information from Marfisa’s site. I’m sure all of it is accurate. But just in case, go easy on me. :)

Translucent Winged Angel

Chapter 1: "The Image in the Crystal"

The Guardian of peace-bringing Darkness, Clavis, sat in his dark office in his equally dark mansion. The room itself was sparsely furnished, only containing a cherry oak desk, a chair, and the several torches that lit the room. A strange air of calm had settled over the room. No sound could be heard except for the crackling of the torches.

This was how Clavis liked it. He welcomed the silence. Especially these days. The latest Queen Examination had ended a few weeks prior. The blonde haired candidate, Angelique, was selected and crowned. The other candidate, the violet haired Rosalia, in turn became her aide. Though he eventually learned to enjoy their company, he was glad he would no longer have to deal with people coming into his office everyday. And he could enjoy his days off in peace, doing whatever he pleased, like today.

Clavis spent most of his time alone gazing into the focal point of the room: his crystal ball. It allowed him to view the happenings of the outside world without him actually having to go out. Usually it showed him people and events from the planets of the Mother Star System. But today, it showed him something very unusual.

Swirling within the navy mist of the crystal was the image of a two story house. There was nothing unusual about it at first glance. Its architecture and design was similar to that of the houses of commoners on the other planets in the system. It was a sort of cream color with brown shingles and shutters on its glass windows. A few trees and decorative bushes dotted the property. All in all, a completely normal house.

What was unusual the scene was not the house itself, but the plants around it and sky above it. Even though he wasn’t the Guardian of Green, Clavis knew none of the plants were indigenous to any of the planets of the Mother Star System. The stars in the sky were arranged in unfamiliar patterns, forming unfamiliar constellations.

There was also the tall-tale, bright red star in the corner of the image.

A moment in one of the windows on the top floor of the house stirred Clavis’ attention. Slowly, the glass pane lifted, leaving a dark, gaping opening leading into the house. A small dark figure exited through the opening. In its hand was a tiny object emitting a small white beam of light. Which Clavis assumed to be a flashlight. The figured turned and shut the window behind it and began to scoot its way to the edge of the roof. When it reached the edge, it shined its flashlight on the tree next to the roof.

It disregarded the red star. Which seemed to be growing larger...

After a moment of deliberation, the figure turned off the flashlight, pocketed it, and pulled itself onto the tree. It climbed down a little ways, then stopped. A large object on its back shifted and dropped softly to the ground. The figure then jumped down after it.

All the while, the red star continued to grow larger...

The figure picked up the object it had dropped and lifted it onto its back. Then ran away from the house until it was out of sight. It stopped in front of a streetlight. There, Clavis was able to get a better look at the person.

It was a girl, or at least he thought it was. The baggy sweatshirt and jeans she was wearing hid any indication of what gender she was. The only thing that indicated that it she was a girl was her feminine facial features. (Well, except for the overly bushy eyebrows.) Her hair, which was held back in a bun, and her eyes were both dark, and her skin was pale. Slung over her shoulder was a large backpack. She looked to be about 18 years old. The same age as Randy.

Clavis’ eyebrow raised. ‘What an ugly girl.’ He thought, ‘Olivie-sama would take one look at her and have a seizure.’

The image in the crystal ball started to take on a red tint. The girl looked up at the sky. A look of terror painted itself onto her face. She was looking at the red star, which had now grown into a large ball of fire that illuminated the whole sky. ‘A meteorite’ Clavis thought, ‘What a pity...’

The girl panicked and looked around, as if trying to find a place to hide. Finally, seeing no other option, she crouched down, pulled her legs close to her body, rested her chin on her knees, shut her eyes, and waited.

But the end never came for her. Unknowns to her, a light began to emit from her hand. As it grew brighter, Clavis could see the faint outline of wings similar to those of her Majesty’s on her back. Eventually, the light engulfed the entire image and flooded Clavis’ office with a blinding light. After it finally faded, Clavis uncovered his eyes to find only mist where the image was.

‘...’ Before Clavis could reflect on what had just happened, a loud clap of thunder sounded outside and radiated throughout his mansion.

Chapter 2

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