Chapter 3: "Getting to Know You"

"This isn’t good..." Julious murmured, rubbing his temples. "How did that girl absorb Luva’s Sacrea?" He tapped his pen rapidly and glanced at Oscar sitting in the chair opposite from him. Everyone else had left the room. "No one but Queen Angelique should have access to it." He shut the leather bound book that laid open in front of him. "We need to find out more about her. And if she’s a threat to her Majesty, we have to get rid of her."

"The missy doesn’t seem like much of a threat to me," Oscar said, "She looked pretty weak, physically." He smirked, "She also looked very insecure. Not the type who would try to start a fight. The most she would probably do is insult us or glare." He chuckled.

"Oscar, you’ve heard of the aphorism ‘never judge a book by its cover’, haven’t you?" Oscar nodded, "That could just be a front she’s putting up. She could be doing something to Luva and Marcel as we speak."

"Not to be rude, Julious-sama. But if you don’t trust her, why did you let her go with Luva-sama in the first place?" Oscar stood up, "She won’t do anything to them, or any of us. It seems like she’s almost frightened of us anyway."

Julious sat, contemplating what the Guardian of Fire had said. "Fine..." He said. Though, judging from the look on his face, the idea didn’t look ‘fine’ to him. "Do me a favor and go tell Rosalia about her."

"Sure, Julious-sama." Oscar bowed and left.

The Guardian of pride-providing Light groaned and put his face in his hands. This was going to be a really stressful week.


"I see..." Sidra said, nodding her head. She was sitting in one of the large arm chairs in Luva’s library. Luva sat across from her, enjoying a cup of green tea while he and Marcel explained to her where she was and who they were. The two had hurried her out of Julious’ office after the... incident. They were also hesitant to make physical contact with her. Well, Marcel wasn’t, but Luva quietly advised him against it. "So, I’m guessing that normal people can’t use this ‘Sacrea’, right?"

Luva nodded, placing the cup on its saucer. "Everyone has it to some degree. But only us Guardians can utilize it."

"Okay..." Sidra nodded again. She had finally come to a conclusion. Everything was just far too strange to be real. And there was no chance that this could have been heaven. "Well, thank you for explaining things to me." She said, standing up, "I would stay a little longer and chat. But unfortunately, I have to wake up now. My alarm clock is probably broken and chances are I’m late for school."

Luva and Marcel exchanged confused glances. "Why do you think you’re dreaming?" Marcel asked.

"Well, for starters, there’s no ‘Queen of the Cosmos’." Marcel gasped at this statement. "Second, there’s no way I could have traveled light years away from Earth in a split second-"

"Wait, you’re from Earth?" Luva asked.

Sidra blinked, "Yeah, you’ve heard of it?"

Luva nodded, "I have a book on it. Your planet has some very interesting customs..."

"...Right...Anyways, and if I did manage to travel to another planet. The chances are very slim to none that there would be life on the planet, let alone life that’s evolved in the same way as Earth."

There was a slight pause. Then Marcel spoke. "We can take you to see Queen Angelique if you want. She’s very nice."

"No thanks. I’m just going to let myself out and be on my way." Sidra picked her discarded backpack off the floor. In the hallway outside the library, the faint sound of heels clicking against the tile floor signaled the approach of someone. She turned to the open door.

"Wait! Don’t go!" Marcel shouted, looking disappointed.

"You don’t know your way around!" Luva added.

"I’ll figure it out." Sidra assured them, stepping out.

"Marcel-chan! Are you-Oof!" The person coming into the doorway bumped into Sidra, causing her to stumble backwards and fall. Sidra shook her head and looked up. Standing over her was a man. Well, at least she thought it was a man. The makeup on his face tried to prove her otherwise. He had long blonde hair the same length as hers, down to his waist. His bangs were feathered and dyed pink. His attire was, needless to say, very different then that of the other men. He wore a purple cropped top, revealing his (waxed) midriff and a pair of tight black jeans. Covering it all was a long light pink jacket with a furry white collar and cuffs. In each hand was several shopping bags.

Sidra blinked and stared at him. The man looked down at her and did the same. He raised one of his thin eyebrows and studied her. "Hmm..." He turned to Luva. "And who’s your friend?"

"Umm... Olivie, this is Sidra. Sidra, this is Olivie, the Guardian of Dreams."

Olivie made a disgusted face. "Sidra? What an awful name..."

...for an awful looking girl?’ Sidra thought. That was always how those kinds of statements about her ended. ‘Honestly... I don’t think that’s something a drag queen named Olivie should be commenting on.

Olivie smirked. "...for someone with so much potential..." He transferred the bags from one perfectly manicured hand to the other and extended the now free hand to her. His nails were long and painted red with hibiscus drawn on them.

Luva walked over and pushed his hand away before Sidra could take it. "Umm, I don’t think that would be a good idea, Olivie. You see-"

"Oh, this is the ‘Sacrea Stealer’ Oscar was talking about." Olivie stated, "He told me about her when I passed him outside."

Sidra groaned internally. It was going to be just like school. Cruel nicknames, shunning, a practical joke or two.

"That’s mean..." Marcel stepped up. "I grabbed her hands when we were in Julious-sama’s office and nothing happened to me." He illustrated this point by taking Sidra’s hands and helping her up, ignoring the protests from Luva.

"Thanks, Marcel." Sidra said, picking up her backpack. Her hands tingled from the cool sensation she had gotten when he took her hands. Alright, so it wouldn’t be exactly like school. At least one person was willing to stand up for her.

"You’re welcome," He said, smiling before turning to Luva. "See?"

Before the Guardian of wisdom-providing Earth could respond, Olivie moved aside to let another person step through the door. Much to Sidra’s surprise, it was a girl that looked roughly the same age as her. She had long, braided violet hair and blue eyes. Her white dress and headdress indicated that she was someone important.

"Are you Sidra?" She asked.


"My name is Rosalia. I’m Queen Angelique’s aide." She didn’t make any greeting gestures such as a hand shake. The three Guardians present knew this was out of habit. Even though Rosalia’s personality had changed dramatically from when she first arrived at the Sanctuary for the examination, she still retained some of her noble, sort of snotty qualities. Not enough to interfere with her job, though.

"Yeah, Luva told me about you. And everything else that goes on around here." Sidra adjusted the straps on her backpack.

"You’re not planning on leaving, are you? I heard you’re not from this system."

Sidra finally thought about what she was planning to do. Leaving this place was definitely not a smart idea. "I’m not now..." She sighed.

"Well, lunch will be starting soon. And afterwards, I’ll show you to your room." Sidra’s stomach growled at the prospect of food. She hadn’t eaten since yesterday afternoon... or that afternoon...whenever it was.



"What’s your problem?!"

"Umm... your...eyes..."

Zephel scoffed, "You’ve never seen someone with red eyes before?" Sidra shook her head. The Guardian of ingenuity-bringing Steel rolled his eyes and took his place at the long, cloth covered table. Leaving Sidra, standing with her chair awkwardly.

"Sidra! Sit next to me and Randy!" Marcel shouted, waving to her cheerfully. Seated next to him was a boy about her age with brown hair a shade lighter then hers wearing a cape. Randy looked at her and smiled slightly.

Sidra brought her chair over and sat in-between the two boys. Randy looked at her. "Hi," He said.

"Hello..." She replied softly. She was starting to feel nauseous again. It was obvious from some of the Guardians’ behavior that she wasn’t welcome. Julious, who was sitting at one end of the table, kept eyeing her and Marcel tentatively. Oscar, who was to Julious’ right, looked at something at the Light Guardian’s side. He struck up a conversation about it with him, occasionally glancing at her as he whispered. It reminded Sidra of when girls at school would talk about her. They would always look at her, giggle, and point. It made her wonder why people even bothered whispering when it was so obvious. Then there was Zephel. She had only met him two seconds ago and apparently, she was already on his bad side. The tan skinned, spiky silver haired teenager looked around at the picturesque courtyard surroundings, looking both peeved and bored.

Then there was Olivie, who was sitting across from her. His behavior was as strange as his manner of dress. He kept glancing quickly up at her while writing things down on the small notepad in front of him. As she watched him, she kept wondering what he meant by her having "potential".

Randy noticed Sidra’s fascination with the drag queen and chuckled. "Olivie-sama likes to dress Marcel up and put makeup on him." He told her, chuckling, "You should’ve seen him the other day."

Marcel blushed and looked down at his lap. "Those shoes were uncomfortable... and my head hurt afterwards..."

"But you looked so pretty," Olivie added, still writing. "You should put your hair in a braid more often." He stopped his note taking and looked up. "I bought a hairclip for you that I think will really pull that ensemble together." To Olivie’s right, Zephel smirked and chuckled slightly to himself.

This has got to be the most messed up conversation I’ve ever heard.’ Sidra thought, hiding her face in her hand. ‘There’s no way this guy can be straight.’

"Alright everyone, let’s get started." Rosalia announced, taking her seat next to Julious and Randy. As a few servants began to bring out the platters and bowls of food, the Queen’s aide looked at the two vacant chairs at the opposite end of the table. "Wait, where’s Clavis and Lumiale?"

"They’re coming. Lumiale left a while ago to go get Clavis-sama," Luva informed her from his spot in-between Oscar and Olivie. As if on cue, the two missing Guardians could be seen making their way down the path. Lumiale was a gentle looking man with long sky blue hair and blue eyes. (‘Geez, a lot of people here have blue eyes.’ Sidra thought to herself.) He wore blue and green robes. The man behind him, Clavis, was a tall, sober man dressed in black robes and strange pieces of crystal jewelry. He had long jet black hair and dark eyes, which flashed in surprise when he got close enough to see her.

"Sorry we’re late. Clavis-sama had some work he needed to finish." Lumiale said before taking his seat next to Marcel. Clavis sat and glanced to his right at Lumiale. But said nothing. Julious looked at Clavis and cleared his throat like he was going to say something. But kept quiet as well.

"Oh, Clavis-sama," Luva began, the dark eyed man looked at him. "This is Sidra. Sidra, this is Clavis, the Guardian of Darkness and Lumiale, the Guardian of Water. You heard about her, didn’t you?"

Clavis regarded her with an indifferent look. "No" He murmured, reaching for a large bowl of soup. Lumiale shook his head.

"Well, in case anyone else didn’t," Julious began, "An incident occurred with her earlier. No one is to make physical contact with her."

Sidra glared angrily at the golden haired man. ‘Hello, I’m right in front of you. At least do that when I’m not around, you dumbass.

"What happened?" Lumiale asked.

"The missy stole some of Luva’s Sacrea." Oscar replied. Zephel and Clavis suddenly became more attentive.

I didn’t steal it.’ Sidra thought. She could feel her face turning red in anger.

"Nice..." Zephel murmured, reaching for a platter of sandwiches.

"Umm, maybe Sidra should tell us a little more about herself before we start jumping to conclusions." Rosalia said, turning to her.

Sidra looked at her. "Well..." She started, looking down at her lap. "There’s not much to tell really..."

"Don’t be shy, missy," Oscar insisted, smirking. "We don’t bite."

"I’d rather not..." She grumbled softly. Julious grunted under his breath.

"She doesn’t want to talk. Don’t force her." Clavis interrupted from his end of the table.

"Thank you, Clavis" Sidra said, looking at him. Julious did as well and gave him a dirty look, which she noticed. Clavis did nothing in return and just ate his soup. ‘Hmm... they must have some kind of grudge against each other...’ She thought, ‘Heh, the Guardians of Light and Darkness hating each other. Complete opposites. Go figure.’

The rest of lunch past with no more major incidents. About halfway through however, Oscar turned to Olivie and quietly asked to borrow his pen and a piece of paper. Which he did. A few seconds later, Sidra felt someone’s foot tap her shin. She looked under the table to find a tiny crumpled ball of paper sitting among the grass. She swept it over to her with her foot and picked it up. Upon opening it up, she saw the message "What is your sign?" written in bright orange ink.

Sidra glared at the Fire Guardian, who smirked in return. ‘You think you’re so funny, don’t you?’ She pocketed the paper and went back to her sandwich.

When lunch was finally over, Sidra sighed internally. Once she got to her room, she was going to stay there for the rest of the day. As everyone began to leave, Rosalia came up to her.

"Could you wait for a minute while I talk to Julious?" Julious stood waiting near a rose bush. The thing on his side from earlier turned out to be a sword in a sheath. Which was attached to his belt.

"Sure" Sidra lifted her backpack over her shoulder (which was now starting to ache) and sat back down in her chair.

"You didn’t answer my question." She turned to find Oscar standing over her. His arms across his armored chest. "May I ask why?"

"..." Sidra just stared at him. Her nausea had returned, and her face turned beet red. Oscar felt as if he was radiating heat. Or maybe that was just her. He reminded her of one of the jocks from school. People Sidra would never mess with unless she had a death wish or wanted to be humiliated.

He sighed. "Missy, you need to speak up more," He told her, placing his hand on her shoulder. The sensation Sidra felt was much more different from what she felt from either Luva or Marcel. Oscar’s Sacrea charged her with energy and made her feel like she was sitting next to a space heater set on full blast. "You’ll kick yourself later if you don’t. And stop glaring." He patted her shoulder and walked off. The feeling subsided.

"Wait, didn’t you hear what Juli-" Sidra stopped. Realizing she was enforcing the Light Guardian’s orders against her.

Oscar turned back. "I think you’re smart enough not to mess with me. If you are here to hurt us. Where do you think I got this armor I’m wearing?" He then continued on his way.

"... Weird..." She murmured. Rosalia motioned for her. Sidra stood and followed her out of the courtyard. Leaving Oscar leaning against a nearby statue of a swan, looking at her.

"She’s a strange one." He said to himself.

"Actually, I kind of like her." The Guardian of strength-providing Fire looked to find Olivie standing behind him. Notepad and pen in hand.

"Of course you do. You’re strange yourself." Olivie ignored his fellow Guardian’s comment and walked over to him. Oscar eyed the notepad in the Dream Guardian’s jewelry garnished hand. "What were you writing about?"

"Her" Olivie pointed to the retreating figure of Sidra with his pen. He handed the notepad to Oscar who scanned the page.

"’Don’t go overboard on makeup... no bright colors, especially red... pluck monobrow, full body wax... no up dos... full spa treatment... find out hair length, see about possible blonde highlights...’" Oscar’s eyebrow raised, "Let me guess, the works?"

"It’ll be a challenge, but I can do it." Olivie grinned, "Come Saturday night, she’ll look like a goddess!"

"I’d love to see that." Oscar handed the notepad back to Olivie. "You’ll have to get the missy out of her shell first though. And from the looks of things, it’s pretty thick." With that, he walked off.

Olivie pocketed the pen and pad and headed back toward his mansion. Not only did he have to plan out Sidra’s makeover, but he also had to find matching heels for the outfit he was wearing tomorrow.


Author’s Note: Those of you who have seen the OVA (or seen screenshots from it like I have) probably noticed that I described Olivie in his casual outfit from "Seichi Yori Ai o Komete" (I think that’s what it’s called...) The reasoning behind that is I think he looks cool in it. And I got stuck on describing his outfit from the game. -_-;

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