Rules for submitting fan works

1. This is the most important rule, and there are NO loopholes here. Absolutely NO plagiarism! If you didn't write it, save yourself the future trouble and don't send it. With art, same thing. If you stole it (this includes altering someone else's work by tracing or changing the color), do not send it. You would be surprised how easy it is to track stolen work online, so please, be smart and only submit what is yours. Fancels are fine, as long as they are not based on stolen fan art.

2. In both fiction and art, if sexual situations are depicted, NO minors can be featured. It's perfectly fine to age the characters for your lemons and drawings, but we do not allow shota here.

3. All fiction and art must be rated when you submit it. This gives readers and viewers the chance to opt out of being exposed to something they may not want to see.

4. With fiction, we ask that writers AT LEAST use spell-check, grammatik, or some other spelling and grammar-checking program before submitting. The use of one or more beta-readers is also requested. The point is, if a fic is incomprehensible, it won't be posted.

5. All fic submissions must be .html or .htm coded. I apologize for the change, but I no longer have time to do this for people. Art must be in either .jpeg, .jpg, or .gif formats. Please keep the file size to a minimum, or you risk a bounced email. There's no reason for an image to be much larger than 200K, so please try to keep your images smaller than that.

6. When submitting, please specify posting name, email address (if you want feedback from others), if you have a website you'd like linked to, and what chibis and font color you would prefer on your page.

If you've read the above, and are ready to send something, click here! ^_^

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